Top 3 Montana Winter Streamers

Winter fishing can be very rewarding.  Here are some tips on winter streamer fishing including 3 top Montana winter streamers.

During the winter a trout’s metabolism slows down considerably and they don’t need to eat nearly as much.  Additionally, insect activity is minimal on many waters during the winter so trout rely more on bait fish fish as a primary food source.

With a decreased metabolism and colder water temperatures, trout become lethargic.  They will not move far or work hard to eat.  There is no need to jerk and strip streamers with fast action all the time during the winter months.  In fact, depending on conditions, slower action is better.

We often forget that you can dead drift a streamer much like a nymph.  And depending on conditions you can also fish a streamer under an indicator.  Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to get the fly down near the bottom.  Trout are looking for an easy meal during winter months.

Here in Montana most fisheries have good populations of mountain whitefish, sculpins, and a variety of shiners as potential food sources for trout.  And keep in mind trout eat trout as well.

Here are 3 top Montana winter streamers:

1. White Circus Peanut

2. Olive conehead zuddler

3. Copper bodied zonker

Winter fishing is never necessarily about numbers.  But streamers will often move bigger fish.  Next time you hit the water in January, consider giving these top 3 Montana winter streamers a try.

Winter streamer action in Montana.