Rain-Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5-19-2017

Missouri River rainbow trout

This Missouri River Montana Fishing report is brought to you by Linehan Outfitting (www.fishmontana.com) and provides current Missouri River fishing conditions. This report will be updated frequently or as conditions change. The LOC crew spends May and June on the Missouri River and we currently have availability. Give a call and let’s go fishing.

Flows from Holter Dam: 10,500 cfs

Water Temperature: 52 degrees

Best time of day: River is fishing pretty well throughout the entire day

Hatches: midge, baetis, caddis

Patterns: zebra midge, tailwater sow, hot bead sow, Ray Charles sow, gold lightening bug, San Juan worm, steel worm, green machine, pheasant tail, parachute Adams, purple haze, Bloom’s caddis, crystal caddis, ascending caddis, zoo cougar, circus peanut

It’s been an interesting couple of days here on the Missori River. Flows from Holter Dam have increased approximately 2000 cfs in the last four days.  Normally we’d expect the fishing to slow down under this situation but for the most part the song remains the the same.

Two days ago a winter storm brought over 2 inches of rain to the area.  Tributaries blew up and Prickly Pear Creek and the Dearborn River both tripled in size  and are presently still pouring color into the the river.

For now, the only fish able water is from Holter Dam to the Dearborn River.  The upper River is off color at the moment but has been improving quickly.  Below the Dearborn River and in the canyonwater conditions are marginal.  The Dearborn is dropping quickly but it will be a couple more days before the lower river/canyon is fish able.

Today we had several boats running deep nymphing rigs with wire worms and sow bugs. Reports were good with rigs set 7 feet from the first fly with one B split shot. Most fish were caught in 6-8 feet of water and most were still on the sow bug.

Streamer action has been pretty good and one boat had substantial streamer action over the last couple days. Cloud cover always helps when you’re throwing junk and several big were netted with big smiles and high fives. If you’re throwing streamers you have to put in the time.

Dry fly action is pretty much non-existent at the moment. Blue winged olives are hatching each day but with higher flows rising fish are pretty scarce. If you poke around in the channels and really look hard you might get lucky and see a nose or two. But don’t expect much in the way of surface activity.

Today was a great weather day.  It was 65, partly sunny, and there was no wind.  The good news.  Expect more of the same for the next week.  And keep in mind water clarity is improving daily as well.  By early next week the entire River will be in good shape again.

Stay tuned for more reports and give a call if you’re headed this way to join us or want to arrange a trip.