Upland bird hunting and two men looking at shotgun.
Upland bird hunting and two hunter sitting on truck tailgate.
English Setter caught in mid-stride while hunting grouse.
Upland bird hunting and two hunters and retriever walking old road.
Upland bird hunting and hunter with english setter and grouse

Upland Bird Hunting

A dog on point is one of the most exciting things a hunter can experience when upland bird hunting.  We are passionate about upland bird hunting with dogs and if you’re looking for an authentic grouse hunt, this is the hunt for you.  Our populations of grouse are all wild, all the time.  We have been running dogs and offering some of the finest grouse hunting in the lower forty-eight states since 1992.  This corner of Montana has three species of native grouse.  Ruffed, blue, and spruce grouse are found in good numbers.  This is the only place where you can hunt three species of native grouse.  Often we get lucky and get all three species in one day!

Here at Linehan Outfitting Company we are dog lovers.  We’ve got a few decent setters and retrievers ready to hunt or we welcome you to bring your own dogs with you.  Either way, you’re in for a fine Montana upland bird hunt.

  • Season(s): September 1 through October 15
  • Species: Ruffed Grouse, Blue Grouse, and Spruce Grouse
  • Caliber: 28, 20, 16, and 12. Open chokes with 6-8 ½ shot.

Ruffed grouse

Ruffed grouse, though populations are cyclical by nature, are found in great numbers. They inhabit logged areas with ten to thirty year old regrowth, coniferous forest edges, alder and aspen groves and creek bottoms. They feed on insects, clover, berries and other plants, are mottled brown or gray and are especially strong flyers. It has been said many times that ruffed grouse are the king of the upland birds, and we agree. To that end, we devote most of the time in pursuit of these fine birds. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a dog flush or point a ruffed grouse and making a clean shot just before it disappears into the darkest cover.

Blue Grouse

Blue grouse, the largest of the three species, are found in good numbers throughout the area. They frequent subalpine terrain featuring open ridgetops with stands of conifers and feed on a variety of insects, berries, and plants. They are slate gray and camouflage well against their rocky environment.  Blue grouse are typically found above 4500 feet in elevation so hunting blue grouse is about putting in the miles and climbing to open ridges.  Be prepared to hike during a blue grouse hunt.

Spruce Grouse

Spruce grouse are found in healthy numbers and frequent deeper woods, thick coniferous areas and feed on insects, clover, berries and evergreen needles. They are darker than blue grouse and sometimes appear blue-black. This corner of Montana is one of the few places you can find spruce grouse in hunt-able populations.  Spruce grouse are a lovely bird and make an interesting addition to the trophy room.

Access to covers is via logging roads and terrain is moderate. To be sure, the ground is uneven and covers can be thick but it’s not uncommon on a good year to hunt hard all day and flush twenty or more birds.

As is the case with all upland hunting, solid, well-trained dogs add another dimension to the hunt. We have come to prefer the combination of flushing dogs and pointers, and currently run golden retrievers and English Setters.  Are dogs are ready to hunt but feel free to bring your own dog if you wish.




We offer upland hunts beginning September 15th through October 15th.

All trips are 4 nights lodging and 3 days hunting.

Call for price and availability if you have drawn a special permit. The cabins have full kitchens and gas grills for your use for breakfast and dinner. Rates do not include Montana accommodations tax or guide/staff gratuities.

Package Cost (per person)
One on one hunt $3900
Two on one hunt $2500 per person

A 30% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Balance of hunt is due 60 days prior to arrival. If client cancels after March 1, the full balance of the hunt is still due. All deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable with an exception for not drawing a license. We strongly recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance.