Big Game Hunting Gear List

This hunting checklist should be reviewed and please feel free to call for more details.  Weather here in northwest Montana during November can be mild or cold and snowy. Generally speaking it’s best to layer well and plan to have several options for clothing each day. Regardless, good quality gear sure makes a hunt more comfortable. Be especially prepared with a good, quiet jacket and pair of pants, and separate totally waterproof set of raingear. Everything else is pretty standard.

  • Firearms: 270, 280, 7mm, 30-06, 300 are all perfectly good calibers
  • Two pairs of boots. Air bob soles recommended
  • Plenty of socks of variable weight
  • Poly-pro underwear or any high quality moisture wicking product, i.e. UnderArmour, Cabelas etc
  • Good quality camo patterned hunting pants and jacket i.e. polar fleece, Cabelas items, etc
  • Warm hat and several pairs of gloves (light pair to shoot in)
  • Day pack, GPS, water bottles, camera, knife, compass and binoculars
  • Rain gear and gun oil
  • Orange vest that is quiet *(required by law)
  • Compact flashlight with extra batteries and or headlamp.
  • Mole skin for blisters (This item is very important)
  • Hand warmers for stand hunting
  • Buck grunt, rattle bag

Upland Hunting Gear List

The weather here in Yaak, Montana in late September and October is generally still stable. Daytime temperatures are likely to be in the 60’s with nights in the low 40s. Frost or at least dew is very common in the mornings and usually it’s best to start the day by layering your clothing. Chamois shirt and fleece coat or vest is often the standard morning wear. Throughout the day, just a chamois shirt (or comparable item) usually suffices. Nights are cool and long sleeve shirts and fleece jackets work well. Unfortunately, sometimes it rains.

  • Leather, ankle high with good support upland hunting boots or similar hiking boots (preferably gortex)
  • Shotgun (12, 20, 16, 28 are all appropriate)
  • Shotgun shells (can be supplied if requested)
  • Hunting pants (reinforced, water repellent front panels are best but Carhartts work fine too)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Good quality gortex raingear (jacket and pants)
  • Blaze orange bird hunting vest with game pouch and shell pockets
  • Blaze orange ballcap or other blaze orange headgear
  • Shooting gloves (any variety will do)
  • Shotgun cleaning kit