Archery Elk Hunts

Our outfitting area includes over 300 square miles of some of the very best big game habitat in the lower 48 states.  Our local population of elk live in dark timber and hunting during the rut is all about bugling, calling and getting in close, real close.  Archery hunts are not for the faint of heart.  Being within bow range of a big bull will red line your adrenaline levels!


  • Season(s): Mid-September through mid-October

Fall big game hunting starts with archery elk and this northwest corner of Montana does not have huge herds of elk but instead has many small bands throughout each drainage averaging 6-12 animals. We actually like it that way since fewer eyes, ears and noses offer us a bit of an advantage. The bulls in this area are also still very vocal and respond to bugling because of the lack of hunting pressure.

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a trophy bull into archery range! Typically, we start the day by combining bugles with cow calls to immediately locate a workable bull. Frequently, we’ll get several answers from a single ridge! This area has a good bull to cow ratio and if a bull has no cows, often times he’ll want to investigate in hopes of hooking up with a harem. If he’s already with cows, he may answer, but he may not want to leave his cows either. At this point your guide will make a decision regarding the best course of action.

As is the case with all our big game hunts, our bow hunts are done on foot and above all, you will increase your chances of success immeasurably by being in the best physical shape possible. The ridges are high, the drainages steep, and the timber is thick. Under the best and luckiest of conditions and circumstances, elk never come easy. They’re cagey, wary, extraordinarily beautiful and majestic and will test your nerve when bearing down on you—chest heaving, bugling, raking, on high alert even though they’re hot and all worked up in the rut.

Our archery elk hunts are limited and we deliberately run a small camp with just a few guides on the ground each week.



Mid-September through Mid-October

All trips are 7 nights lodging and 6 days hunting. Dates listed are arrival and departure dates (Sat. – Sat.)


  • Log cabin lodging
  • Guided hunting each day
  • Lunches

Call for price and availability if you have drawn a special permit. The cabins have full kitchens and gas grills for your use for breakfast and dinner. Rates do not include Montana accommodations tax or guide/staff gratuities.

Package Cost (per person)
One on one hunt $5000 per person
Two on one hunt $3900 per person
Elk only combo license $858 (approx.)


Week Dates
Week 1 September 14 – 21
Week 2 September 21 – September 28
Week 3 September 28 – October 5
Week 4 October 5 – 12

A $1500.00 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation. If you cancel your reservation for any reason your deposit is non-refundable. Otherwise, deposits will be applied to the cost of your reservation. If you are unsuccessful in drawing a Montana license, the deposit may be refunded or applied to the next season.

Balance of payment is due August 1st during same calendar year as your hunt.

After August 1st all payments are non-refundable. It is nearly impossible to re-book cancelled trips after the big game licenses have been issued. For this reason, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance.