Montana Hunting

Linehan Outfitting Co.

Linehan Outfitting Company provides trophy hunts for all big game species here in Montana including elk, whitetail and mule deer, moose, big horn sheep, mountain goat, black bear and wolf. We are passionate about our big game hunting and like to do it the old fashioned way. Montana is all about fair chase and we uphold the philosophy of fair chase to the highest degree. This is big country and there are no fences here, no baiting allowed, and we like to hit the ground before it gets light and hang in there until it gets dark. For the most part we hunt on foot so if possible, show up in good shape. If you have a bad knee or some other issue, no problem. We can work with that. But be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

We are fortunate to have a huge big game concession here in the extreme northwest corner of Montana permitted by the Kootenai National Forest. This area is not typical big sky country. Instead, it’s a place where the Pacific rainforest ecosystem crashes into the spine of the Rocky Mountains, a place of big, coniferous forests full of huge western larch, Douglas fir, cedars, lodgepole pines, ponderosa pines, and a place of tremendous biological diversity regarding both flora and fauna. This area is thick, green, lush, and every day smells like Christmas when you’re in the woods. To that end, we employ all aspects of traditional still hunting including spot and stalk, stands, calling and stalking throughout a typical day.

As always, it’s important to bring enough gun. Since we encourage you to get the deer/elk combination license, it’s necessary to keep in mind that elk are significantly bigger than deer. Nothing beats a good shot. And that’s what’s most important. Please be comfortable with your rifle and spend time at the range before you arrive. Appropriate calibers include 30-06, 300, 7mm mag, 280 and 270 mags.