Why Fly Fish Montana?

Montana Rivers, Streams & Lakes We Fly Fish

Diversity is the name of the game here at Linehan Outfitting Company and we believe having options greatly contributes to the success of a fishing adventure. We have lodging options, fishing options, and enough package options to satisfy anyone. With the Kootenai and Clark Fork Rivers as our mainstays, and miles and miles of small stream opportunities as well as lakes and ponds, there is enough water to keep the rods bent and the smiles wide. And that’s our goal. For over twenty years we’ve been consistently noted as being one of the best outfitters in the west and building our business, one guest at a time, is what’s most important to us.

If you’ve not fished the northwest corner of Montana, it’s time you did. Kootenai country is truly far less traveled than other, more famous parts of the state and it’s extraordinarily beautiful. This northwest corner of the state is much more like a rainforest and not typical “Big Sky Country.” Instead it’s a place of steep, rugged, heavily forested mountains and lush, green valleys. And it’s a place where the people are friendly, where you’re made to feel welcome, and where you can still get away from it all.