Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5-21-2016

Let’s see, the LOC crew has been over her in Craig on the Missouri River for a couple weeks now so I thought some of you might like a Missouri River Montana fishing report, especially since some of you are headed this way soon.  So, forgive my tardiness and expect more diligent efforts this end immediately.  

Flows:  5680cfs

Water temperatures: 51 degrees

Best Time Of Day: Nymphing is solid all day and dry fly action is best in the evening

Hatches: midge, baetis, caddis

Patterns:  zebra midge, sow bugs, green machine, caddis pupas, wire worms, bead head crystal caddis, parachute Adams, purple haze, chubbies, Bloom’s caddis, bunny streamers

At the moment the Missouri River is fishing great.  The weather has been tough what with rain and cold temperatures but this is what May is supposed to be like.  Not 80 and sunny so guides and anglers are generally happy.  

Nymphing has been off the charts the last few days and the fish have been grabby up and down the length of the river.  The Craig section is mostly about sow bugs right now mans while sow bugs are working on the lower River in the canyon, caddis are more effective especially in faster water.  

Dry fly eats are possible if you poke around and find some rising fish.  Baetis hatches are still coming off in pulses under cloudy, cool conditions and fish are looking up when they bugs are thick enough generally in the late afternoon.  Look for heads in soft currents, slip seams, channels, and sloughs with a bit of current.  We had been seeing some caddis activity in the canyon and lower, but the cold rain put a quick stop to that.  

Streamer action has been pretty good in the canyon as well and there are whispers of some big browns being seen under dark, cloudy skies along with werewolves and vampires.  Wait, what?  That’s from my nightmare last night.  Sorry.  Anyway, all in all the LOC crew and guests have been very pleased with the fishing and the Missouri is as healthy as ever.

LOC Travis Lee with a wild Missouri River Montana brown.