Mayflies-Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report 4-24-2017

This Bitterroot River fishing report is brought to you by Linehan Outfitting Company and provides current Bitterroot fishing and river conditions. It will be updated frequently or if conditions change. We are currently on the Bitterroot River and running trips so give a call if you want to schedule a guide trip or need information on anything Montana fly fishing related.

Flows at Bell Crossing: 2,400 cfs

Water Clarity: clear

Best time of day: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Water Temperature: approximately 45 degrees

Hatches: skwala stoneflies, March brown mayflies, gray drake mayflies, baetis mayflies

Patterns: rubber legged stone fly nymph, bh prince, San Juan worm, bh hare’s ear, bh pheasant tail, parachute Adams, purple haze, March brown emerger, pheasant tail soft hackle, Rogue skwala, rasta skwala, bullet head skwala, gray drake parachute, gray drake cripple

The Bitterroot River is still in great shape and fishing pretty well. Flows have been hanging around 2000-2500cfs for the last couple and it looks like they’ll likely stay in that range. No hot weather or heavy rain is expected In the immediate forecast.

Skwalas are still active and fish are still eating them but as a whole the hatch is officially waining. Dry fly action has been terrific but does depend on weather conditions. With partly sunny skies and a bit of warmth skwala nymphs are more likely to be active and hatching and adults are more likely to be moving as well. March Brown mayflies are still in play and most days blue winged olive mayflies are hatching around 2:00 pm and fish have been responding and rising in specific water types where bugs are concentrated.  Gray drakes have shown up the last several days under cloudy conditions making for some of the best dry fly action of the spring

For now Nymphing remains best bet in the morning if you’re just looking to get into a few fish, and who isn’t? Think dry/dropper in the afternoon. Water temps have ooched up the last couple days and dry fly action has been good in the afternoon and early evening. By about 6:00 pm insect activity has tapered off.

Expect a mix of spring weather through the week with gray skies, rain showers, and very intermittent partly sunny skies. The Bitterroot River will remain very fish-able for the foreseeable future especially since nights are staying cool and runoff has been slow and steady.  Flows have risen a bit over the last 72 hours mostly due to a couple of warmer days.

LOC guests Tom U. and Gerry B. on another most excellent Bitterroot River adventure.