Kootenai River Lodge

As another lodging option, and more suitable for groups of up to 8 people, is our Kootenai River Lodge. It’s no exaggeration to say this is an extraordinary piece of property.

Situated on 8 acres in Libby, Montana with big, green lawns and right on the bank of the Kootenai River, the Lodge is also fully furnished, well appointed including all kitchen and cooking utensils, and offers spectacular views of the river and the Cabinet Mountains out the front door. Four bedrooms and two baths with a spacious living/dining room help make the lodge a great place for your family or group to base from while fishing or hunting with us here in Kootenai country.

We offer two different packages here at the lodge.

Our full service fly fishing package is all inclusive with meals prepared by Joanne. Instead of singing the praises of Joanne’s culinary experience, suffice it to say that Joanne would easily be included in a list of the best and most accomplished and praised chefs in the industry. For over twenty years she has been preparing meals for Linehan Outfitting Company guests by cooking with fresh, locally grown organic ingredients with a dedication to being thoughtful and innovative about meals.

We also offer a package at our lodge without meals. Basically you rent the entire place yourself and do your own meals.

Generally speaking we do not mix parties at the lodge. You are there with your group and that’s it.


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