Kootenai River Montana Fishing Report 7-9-2013

Flows:  25,000cfs

Water Temperatures:  51-53 degrees

Best Time of Day:  Nymphing has been consistent all day but expect better dry fly action during the evening.

Hatches:  pmd’s, caddis

Patterns:  bh pheasant tail, bh hare’s ear, Pat’s stonefly, bh prince, bh LePage’s mayfly, caddis pupa, supa pupa, two tone caddis nymph, Bloom’s caddis, x-caddis, headlight caddis, peacock caddis, pmd sparkle dun, cdc pmd emerger, Quigley pmd cripple, parachute pmd, parachute Adams, royal wullf, purple haze

Flows from Libby Dam are decreasing and the river is now very fishable again.  It’s still big and all about float fishing but it’s coming down and the fish are responding.

Nymphing is still very consistent.  Look for fish down soft seams, next to submerged grass and especially next to and below submerged, grassy islands.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to run long and deep.  Short leashing has been the most effective program so set your indicator about five feet from you split shot and stick with 2-5 feet of water. 

Caddis and pmds are active especially in the evenings.  With bright, sunny days dry fly action is pretty much limited to evenings.  Look for noses and rising fish in softer water below submerged islands, on deeper banks, and in the tailouts of long runs.

Flows are expected to remain around 25,000 cfs for another few days but conditions have improved dramatically and it looks like it’s game time again here on the Kootenai.

Small streams and tributaries are also in great shape.  Warm days make for great wet wading conditions and in most instances all you need for the day is a couple royals wullfs, stimulators or parachute Adams. 

Local lakes and ponds are still fishing well but with warm days activity is pretty much concentrated to the early mornings and evenings.

LOC guest Tom U. with a solid Kootenai rainbow
LOC guest Tom U. with a solid Kootenai rainbow