Kootenai River Montana Fishing Report 7-27-2013

Flows:  14,000cfs

Water Temperatures:  54-58 degrees

Best Time Of Day:  Indicator nymphing in 3-6 feet of water has been great all day.  If you’re looking for dry fly action it’s all about early and late for the most part although fish are starting to show interest in big bugs along grassy banks and over drop-offs into buckets.

Hatches:  pmd’s, caddis, green drakes, burnt umbar aquatic moth

Patterns:  Pat’s stonefly, bh hare’s ear, bh prince, bh pheasant tail, cupid’s love arrow nymph, caddis pupa, supa pupa, bh copper john, parachute Adams, elk hair caddis, x-caddis, Bloom’s caddis, pmd emerger, parachute pmd, purple haze, red tarantula

The Kootenai is in fine shape and fishing is pretty, darn good up and down the river.

Nymphing has been steady throughout the day.  Fish are now settled into more traditional summer runs and behavior.  Big rubber legs with smaller bead head droppers are really moving fish.  Set your indicator about 6 feet from the top fly and definitely run two BB split shot.  Look for fish in faster runs and boulder gardens and don’t overlook the softer side of things.  Lately big fish have been found in tailouts and softer runs along banks likely due to their transitioning and moving up-stream to summer runs.

If you’re dry fly only kind of person it’s all about early and late for now.  Pmd spinners are down on the upper river until about 10:30 am and fish are looking up along the banks and especially in the shade.  When the heat and sun (and we’ve had lots of both so far this summer) start to hit the water they’ve been getting pretty shy on top.  Hopper/droppers are moving fish occassionally during the heat of the day but happy hour officially kicks off with caddis action in the evening and lots of rising fish especially if you hang in there until the sun gets off the water.

It’s been hot and it’s been sunny.  But it looks like we’re cooling down.  Over the next few days expect daytime temps in the mid-80’s instead of high 90’s.  Woo-hoo!  Regular, old, cold front headed our way and it might just be enough to keep fish looking up all day.

LOC guest John K. with a big Kootenai River rainbow!
LOC guest John K. with a big Kootenai River rainbow!