Fall-Kootenai River Montana Fishing Report 9-27-2018

This Kootenai River fishing report is brought to you by Linehan Outfitting Company and provides current Kootenai River and fishing conditions. It will be updated frequently or as conditions change. We have guides available and we’re the local source for all things surrounding the Kootenai River. Give a call anytime if you have any questions about the Kootenai River or anything about Montana fly fishing or fly fishing in general.

Discharge from Libby Dam: Flows from Libby Dam is currently 6000 cfs and will remain steady through the end of September.  On October 1 discharge from Libby Dam will be decreased to 4000 cfs and will remain steady for the entire month.

In-Flow From Lake Koocanusa: approximately  6000 cfs

Kootenai River water temperature below Libby Dam: 52 degrees

Water Clarity:  It’s gin clear this time of year.

Best time of day: Conditions are terrific all day at the moment.  Trout are happy and feeding morning, noon and night.

Hatches: midge, baetis, hoppers and ants

Patterns: parachute Adams, purple parachute Adams, pmd spinner, parachute pheasant tail, midge cluster, green meanie midge, elk hair caddis, caddis emerger, pmd dries, pmd emerger, Bloom’s caddis, purple chubby, red chubby, hoppers, royal Wulff, zebra midge, green goblin, olive emerger, Pat’s rubber legged stonefly, pt soft hackle, bead head pt, bh copper john, red bh copper john, big bunny streamers and deceivers in red, pink and olive.

Hard to believe it’s darn near October already.  We apologize for missing a couple weeks worth of reports but suffice it to say we’ve been very busy catching fish on the mighty Kootenai River.

Dry fly fishing has been terrific lately and this has certainly been one of the most consistent seasons we’ve had here on the Kootenai in some years.  Mornings are now a bit chilly so longer leaders and small flies like #16 purple haze are always a good bet to get things started.  As soon as the sun hits the water and temps start warming up we’ve been switching to #12 chubbies with droppers and never looking back for the rest of the day.

Nymphing has been red hot in certain areas of fast water and cover.  But none of us have really felt the need to fish an indicator unless that’s what someone wants to do.  Streamer action has been heating up and providing some big fun.  Keep in mind pulling a streamer on the Kootenai this time of year is not always about numbers.  But big fish are on the prowl and you never know until you try.

Right now it matters not where you fish.  The entire river is in good shape.  Above the Kootenai Falls in the Libby sections numbers of fish have been pretty good on a daily basis with bread and butter rainbows falling in that 11″-14″ range.  Below the Kootenai Falls in the Troy stretches numbers will be less but average size fish generally run a bit bigger in the 13″-15″ range.

It looks like the weather is going to hold out for the foreseeable future.  Expect partly sunny days with temps in the 50-60s with relatively calm conditions.  We’re talking perfect fall fishing conditions!

And in Boston Red Sox news, last week the Sox clinched first place in the American League East division and we’re riding out the tail end of the season.  This has been one of the best seasons the Boston Red Sox have had in years and soon enough it’s playoff time!  Mookie Betts is in the running for MVP and Rick Porcello may have a shot at the CY Young award again.  Go Sox!

Perfect fall fishing conditions here on the Kootenai River